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My Approach:

I use a technique which is called Evidence and Experience Based Programming (EEBP). Programs that have been found to be effective based on the results I have gathered from my own experiences over the past 10 years, my previous clients, and my current clients. 

These effective approaches and strategies have been packaged into programs targeting outcomes specific to individuals such as yourself, with the desire to be at their best physical and aesthetic self. I take into consideration your activity history, your height, your weight, your shape, and your build when assembling your program.

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1. Balance

You’re getting the right amount of the right things and limiting the things that can have a negative effect on your health.  

2. Calorie Control

This isn’t about just reducing calories; it’s about making sure you have the right amount of calories throughout the day to keep your system working efectively.


3. Moderation

You don’t take in an excess amount of those things that can have a negative impact on your health.

4. Variety

Ensure proper nutrition but also eliminate the monotony of a diet. Variety is the spice of life!

5. Adequacy

Make sure you’re getting all of the essential nutrients you need to maintain health and replace what is lost on a daily or weekly basis.


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Client Testimonials

Chris has definitely made a huge impact on my life. When I came to him about wanting to join a gym and getting back into shape after college. He has been an amazing support system. Thanks to him I’m down 60 pounds. He’s been there with me either through the early or late night workout sessions. Creating custom programs specific to me. Or those phone calls or text on those days where I needed a little extra motivation getting myself into the gym. Each year I feel he takes his training to another level. He takes his craft very serious and he won’t allow you to fail!

Damon W.

I started working out with Chris about 7 years ago, when I started i had no workout routine, regiment or nutrition knowledge. Chris not only put me on a routine that helped me lose a total of 140 pounds but he educated me and equipped me with the tools I needed to develop a routine of my own. Chris also has an credible work ethic and extremely positive can do attitude. He will push you and believe in you even when you don’t always believe in yourself.

Josh M.

Chris is remarkable.  His interest in helping me get fit and healthy shows he really cares.  Thanks Chris!!

Martin S.


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