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6 Week Strength and Arm Development Program

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By following this schedule, you will progressively overlead your arms during this program. You will shock the muscle through varied exercise, volume, and lifting techniques.
During weeks three, four, and five, you will be hitting arms three times per week. If you think that sounds like overtraining, you’re precisely right. But overtraining does not happen immediately.


Week 1 – Monday

Triceps / Biceps


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Client Testimonial

“Chris has definitely made a huge impact on my life. When I came to him about wanting to join a gym and getting back into shape after college. He has been an amazing support system. Thanks to him I’m down 60 pounds. He’s been there with me either through the early or late night workout sessions. ”  – Damon W.

About the author.

Chris “Arsenal” Carothers is a personal trainer, wellness coach, competition prep coach and Men’s Physique bodybuilding Pro competitor. As a lifetime natural athlete, Chris has spent the last 7 years developing his physique as well as his experience as a motivator and teacher and has trained hundreds of clients of all different levels of fitness and taught over 500 group fitness classes over his career. His training has resulted in him gaining over 50lbs of muscle and maintaining a sub 9% bodyfat percentage year round. Chris specializes in body transformation programs, athletic development, and rapid weight loss programs and his clients have experienced incredible results. His goal is to help others create the best physical forms of themselves and surpress their previous plateaus, while having fun in the process.

J. Chris Carothers

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